What is Draftt? – An Introductory Rant

Before I start bombarding this blog with posts, we must make the drawing board public. If you’re reading this, you probably came here scrolling through my blog, redirected from LinkedIn or Medium, or most likely – I forced you to read something in this blog by appearing on your feed (or DMs) way too many times to ignore. Just as we wonder what is more probable and more likely, and how probability and likeliness differ from each other, let me apologize for ranting. I am sorry you’re having to read this. Please bear with my rant, as I try to lay down why I’m writing things, who I’m writing for, and how you can benefit.

What does Draftt mean, and how did it come about?

Basics first, Draftt is just the word Draft with double Ts. It was unique enough to still have top-level domain names available, and that’s the only reason to add an extra T. It will hopefully also help me in SEO. Yet, truth be told, no one knows how Google’s search algorithm works anymore. Probably not even the folks at Google (why-how you’re asking? Artificial Intelligence!).

In 2016, I kickstarted a design and creative agency called Draft & Again in Dehradun. The idea was to take my ongoing freelance gigs and utilize the clientele to kickstart a boutique agency business. Humble beginnings didn’t last long, and the project didn’t see much growth over the year. My college friends, who I had successfully on-boarded as partners, also quietly retired as we saw the success loom over time. While the agency only turned out to be a stretched summer project, the name stuck passionately with my heart. Incredibly enough, the agency still exists on paper, and I continue to cater to 6 to 8 clients annually under its banner in an individual capacity.

Draftt, as a content delivery platform, is a side-project of this agency. We had so many ideas that we wanted to put out across categories, and of course, there was the added advantage of showing our clients what we were capable of.

What should I expect on this blog?

42. That’s the answer.

No, I’m not going to be a bibliomaniac who leaves you muddled over this crucial answer. But yeah, you’ll have to dumb down a little on your expectations, please. If you came here searching for an industry report that will change your company’s fate, you should probably head over herehere or here.

I’m just a poor-almost-jobless resource, trying to have fun with the three things I love the most about our world – data, design & digital. So let’s see what we have on offer:


Most posts in the data category follow a full-stack but simple approach – identify a chunk of data (often secondary), analyze it, visualize it, and finally deliver the key takeaways from it. Learning as we go will always be the first goal of these posts, so be sure to check out citations for data sources, methodology, and some really cool visualization techniques.

You can expect to find everything from a multi-factorial Negative Binomial Regression (it’s a real thing) to a pie-chart made of an actual pie. The topics will also see no bounds; however, you’ll see more posts about pop-culture, politics, and the economy getting posted because that’s loved most by both the audience and me.


My love for design goes back to kindergarten days when I would give legs to my alphabet. Since then, I’ve tried to get my grasp over design from multiple perspectives, be it UI-UX, branding, or art direction

My posts in this segment will illustrate why things were made to look the way they do. If you’re only expecting designs prevalent in the online ecosystem, you’re in for a surprise!


Digital, a vague concept for the common-folk.

Digital, a b-school jargon not fancied anymore.

Digital, an outcome of technology, a precursor to technology.

Digital, a one or a zero.

Digital is where I’ll write about my favorite digital-first companies and trends. Often, garnished with a tinge of data or design, these stories will inform you of what goes around building, maneuvering, and sustaining tech products.

That’s all, folks!

And here we go. Let’s kickstart this saga, hoping it turns out well. With intentions cemented in the Dr. Seuss quote, “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant, “let’s get the ball rolling.

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