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We grew up with a revolution that changed how we live. Can we unravel the next one?

step 1: eliminate paperwork

(step is a series of blogs to document the process of building ez. this is step 1)

Today is the 11th of June, 2023.

I just finished a work session in VR using Horizons Workspace on Meta’s Quest 2. I still have some more things to do (including writing this document), but the headset tends to only work out for about 45 minutes after which it feels suffocating and sweaty. Apple has recently launched its more comfortable $3499 Vision Pro. I’ll wait for another 6 months before deciding on my next headset.

Building Red Cable Club

Red Cable Club (RCC) is a premium loyalty program created by OnePlus India to reward and retain its most loyal customers. The program is built on the pillars of exclusive, premium, and valuable, and includes a tiered membership program called Red Cable Pro, offering partner benefits including Uber Executive, Spotify Premium, and Amazon Prime. The program has been successful in generating revenue for OnePlus while creating an engaged community of loyal customers.

The Way Forward for EdTech Funding in India

Despite the downturn, EdTech continues to be an attractive investment opportunity for venture capitalists. The sector's growth prospects remain strong, driven by the increasing adoption of technology and online learning, rising demand for upskilling and reskilling, and the growing number of K-12 and higher education students in the country. According to a report by Blume Ventures, the EdTech market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% to reach $10.4 billion by 2025. While I doubt they will concur with their report now and are likely to focus on alt sectors, the macro indicators underlying the EdTech investment outbreak in 2021 are still positive.

Building Flipkart Ads Academy

With the rise of e-commerce, digital marketing, and data analytics, it has become increasingly important for B2B businesses to invest in training and education platforms that can provide their employees and partners with the skills and knowledge they need to stay ahead of the competition. This is where Flipkart Ads Academy comes in - a comprehensive learning platform designed specifically for advertisers and agencies looking to succeed in the world of e-commerce.

What is Draftt? – An Introductory Rant

Before I start bombarding this blog with posts, we must make the drawing board public. If you’re reading this, you probably came here scrolling through my blog, redirected from LinkedIn or Medium, or most likely – I forced you to read something in this blog by appearing on your feed (or DMs) way too many times to ignore. Just as we wonder what is more probable and more likely, and how probability and likeliness differ from each other, let me apologize for ranting. I am sorry you’re having to read this. Please bear with my rant, as I try to lay down why I’m writing things, who I’m writing for, and how you can benefit.

Saying “Thank you, next” to my crypto investments (Part 1 of many)

Like any tech enthusiast who has ever been a part of a bubble, I feel like I may have waited too long for this. But now, I think, the time has finally come. I’m selling off my leftover crypto-assets and moving on with life. Taking this opportunity to pen-down a few (mis-?) adventures over the past 5 years! This is part 1 of what is probably going to be a series of posts, so bear with me.